Body part removed!

I was at the doctor today and removed a birthmark. I've wanted to remove it for years.
Anesthesia Syringes does indeed hurt.

So now I will sit and suffer all day and watching movies. ;D

It hurts and aches a lot in the wound, but I guess it will pass until tomorrow since it is was a rather small operation. :D


I wanted to take a beautiful autumn picture, with me throwing pretty leafes in the air :'D
So my fiancé and I tried..a lot. An old man walked by and told my boyfriend to be happy with the pictures he got and let me go inside. Sort of funny because I'm the one who is nagging him to take pictures of me. xD
The result!
I love the colours of autumn so much! <3

Practising the first kata

Yesterday we practised the first karatekata, and when I came home I wanted to have it on film so I can watch it and remember the moves and practise more at home. I just wanted to upload it here on my blog for future laughs. xD
 I know, I dont do correct moves yet and I have to think very much about what I do so I'm very slow, but that day WILL come :'D

Just some thoughts

So I finally have a job interview! Next week on Thursday.

And I'm so nervous because I really want that job. I have prepared some questions with what to answer so I'm very prepared for the most common questions.

I think mostly it's so hard with how to look on the interview. I dont wanna look "to much", but I also want to be myself.
I don't wear makeup so very often, and I told my sister that I am afraid they will think I look sort of scruffy if I get there without makeup. But she didn't think that :D
And if I do get the job, I will indeed often get there without makeup so.. I guess it's good they know xD

How do you think with clothing overall when you go to an interview?

Oh so nervously it is!

My new hobby

I've started practicing karate :D

I was on a Tuesday for the first time, then it felt really hard and I was not sure if I was too woozy to the sport. But yesterday on my second practise it was crazy fun, the group is very nice, the teachers helpful and I get the feeling that karate is something I can be really good at!

Feels so very good because I now find myself in a sort of life-crisis because of unemployment and I often get the feeling that I'm not particularly good at anything.

And the best part is that my darling joined the karate-club with me, it makes it even more fun! :D 

What I've been doing today.

I have a cold, a little fever and a sore throath..again D:
So this is what my day has been all about:
Watching movies all day long, huhu.
I havent been sleeping for two nights because of my stupid throat so movies are the only thing my brain can process I think. xD


I will be veeeeeery laaaaaazy at blogging and reading blogs this weekend! Because my sister is visiting! :D
Picture of her from last week with tomatoes in her cheeks xD Have a lovely weekend everyone!

24 is a very very special day.
It's my 24-th birthday!
To celebrate, we will look at some pictures of my past birthdays. :D Enjoy!
1 year old! I also managed to take my first footsteps that day actually.
Here is me and my mum on my 5-th birthday. I remember a very good cake!
My 8-th birthday. And my sister looks funny as always.
10-th birthday. I threw up that day. It was a bad birthday. :'D
Turning 13. My best friend gave me a panda-plush, it's still as cute!
Sweeeet 16 ;D best year of my life I would say. The age I met my lovely boyfriend whom I still are together with.
And now, 24 today! Feeling kind of old after this time-travelling. ;) But you cant have picture from today yet because I just woke up! xD

Give me some book-recommendations!

I LOVE to read.
So I thought I would ask for some book recommendations here. :D
This is what I borrowed today at the library.
I do have a special place in my heart for chick-lits, mystery and horror, Just so you know ;D

Monthly Theme Post - Someone special

So this months theme at Sophistique Noir  is Someone special :D
Since my lovely fiancé has been my someone special for 8 years in december, I wanted to do a memory post with pictures from the beginning of our love. <3  

Our first picture together, new years eve 2004. :D And my sister, crazy as always.

Summer 2006 I belivie.

Somewhere in 2006 I would guess, I'm getting old can't remember when pictures are taken. xD

One of our all time favourites!


Graduating in 2007!


A photoshoot we had with a friend in december 2008, it was great pictures all of them!

Summer 2009

Well one can´t always look pretty ;)

Summer 2010

Matching outfits for a christmasparty in 2010 xD

This picture was taken for amagzine actually where we was in an article, giving tips on how to have successfull relationship that lasts :'D Summer 2011

Larp, last year ^^


And here we are ^^
Very happy, and getting married next year! I'm so looking forward to being Mrs, Wangenfors ;D
Thanks for looking!


I'm soooo tired today.
I came home from work around 10 hours ago, and now up and leave for work again. :'D
Tomorrow I'm working my last day on my summerjob though. Feels kind of sad since I dont know if I anytime soon will find a new job..certainly not a job where I get to make pastries and cakes.
Ah well. Looking forward to a larp next week so I will focus on great stuff like that instead! :D
Have a nice saturday everybody.

Always look on the bright side of life..

Luna totally loves when I'm sick, I think xD I feel no improvement since the day before yesterday in my ongoing cold, cough, associated with fever. :(

I do not even have a voice yet, and for me who really loves to talk, it is extremely booooring . I do not think it makes things better that I'm super stressed about getting well, since next week is my last work week before I'm unemployed..

Oh well, to see it on the bright side. Yesterday I "had the time" to watch an entire season of Ugly Betty.

Things I wanna do before I die

I imitate my sister and make a life goals list.
Like, things I just have to get done before I die. xD
I'm imitating my sister and made a lifegoals list.
Like, things I just have to get done before I die. xD
I think I'm gonna continue to fill this list when i come to think of something. These are my first 10 goals. :D
1. Living in a house with a slide indoor. ( )
2. Marry Mattias ( )
3. Visit Disneyland (Mattias and are going to honeymoon there) ( )
4. Wear a funny costume on the town and make people happy (you know like Moomin or a disneycharachter, look at picture) ( )
5. Get a son to be named Mushu in second name. ( )
6. Finsh writing my book and get a publishercompany to want it. ( )
7. Become a priest ( )
8. Meet Amy Lee from Evanescence ( )
9. Get hair down to my lower back. ( )
10. Get purple hair after I turned 60 years old. :'D ( )
11. Get a black belt in karate ( )
12. Learn how to speak sign-language. ( )

Candyskull face

Yesterday my friend Andrea was here, and we had three photosessions :D
A little sneakpeak here.
I took this picture before we started.
It was so much fun! I hope the pictures turned out great.

Having a good time

I bet you alla are very curios about whats been killing my social interaction on the internet the past week. ;D
So I say no more than this:

Probably the best man in the world!

Today we celebrate the world's greatest fiance on his 24-th birthday :D
I seriously have the most wonderful boyfriend, everyday he makes me feel like the prettiest girl in the world.
Every year I think about how happy I am to get to be with him and celebrate his birthday, because it means I'm getting older together with him, which makes me very very happy. ^__^

Congratulations to you my darling! <3

Red & Black Week, Day 5 (PYJAMAAAAS)

I had a little blackout about what to post for the red and black theme today, since I'm going to be home all day, making my sisters graduation cake. :'D
Then I realized, my pyjamas is red and black, wohoo! So here is todays post. And Pingu is also red and black of course. ;D

Over and out.

Black violets

Sooo... Yesterday I planted black violets in my cross-shaped pot :D I hope they will grow, but thinking of my previous attempts to get something to grow in my garden it will probably not happen xD but we'll see. To be continued, dundun ..


Omg, I'm a Slytherin xD I always thought I was a Hufflepuff.

My name is CentaurHazel11323 on if you wanna add me. ^^

In english!

Since I the last months have received some lovely new gothic readers, who isn't from sweden I have decided to start blogging here in english instead :D Good practise for me and easier for you who cant understand swedish. ^^ Yay!

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