Probably the best man in the world!

Today we celebrate the world's greatest fiance on his 24-th birthday :D
I seriously have the most wonderful boyfriend, everyday he makes me feel like the prettiest girl in the world.
Every year I think about how happy I am to get to be with him and celebrate his birthday, because it means I'm getting older together with him, which makes me very very happy. ^__^

Congratulations to you my darling! <3

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Postat av: Lynoire

That's sweet! ^^ Congrats for the both of you and happy birthday to him! ^^

2012-06-13 @ 16:44:56
Postat av: kakuidori

happy belated bday! and good luck for your future!!

2012-06-14 @ 09:20:04
Postat av: Linnea-Maria

Åh vad söta ni är! Han har lika skägg som min JOhan :)

2012-06-20 @ 13:35:47

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