I'm moving!

I have moved!

In recent months, this blog domain have tangled much! People have complained to me that their comments do not arrive to me and when I emailed the webmaster they won't respond to me. 

So I have now officially moved to http://lesthi.blogspot.se/ which is a MUCH better domain.

Hope you follow me, I will not delete this blog since it's too much entrys I wanna keep.

Follow my new blog: http://lesthi.blogspot.se/


Unemployed, day 71!

I unfortunately did not get the job I was on interview for last week. Annoying.

Today I went to the library and borrowed a fantastic book about gender! Then I bought a birthday gift for my boyfriend's sister.

Unusually, I had pants on because my purple jeans are so pretty! (but maybe not so matching with the socks ;D)
I'm wearing my larp-tunic as well today, it's so comfortable xD

Iron Fist Wolf bag

I'm the sort of person who uses one bag at a time. Now my current bag is starting to loose colour and I'm kind of tired of it because it has no pocket! So this one will be my next bag as soon as I can afford it. It's so perfect!

Christmas list

Yesterday I spent a shameful amount of time making a wishlist on ebay xD
I think it's a good idea though, because now I can just give this list to family if they are wondering about my christmas wishes. 
This is a few of the things on my "little" list. And here is the entire one.
Do you use the public wishlist on ebay?


Well since I don't have any halloweenparty to go to..I dressed up as a clown and took pictures of myself instead. xD
I have always wanted to try a clown-makeup, even though I'm scared of clowns.
Saaaad clown. I intended from the start to shoot with the theme of "sorry", but it was much easier to be happy.

Cat shoes!

I found some awesome shoes on ebay today :D
I want them both!

Introvert cat

I love the introvert cat memes. I recognize myself in some of them :'D

Body part removed!

I was at the doctor today and removed a birthmark. I've wanted to remove it for years.
Anesthesia Syringes does indeed hurt.

So now I will sit and suffer all day and watching movies. ;D

It hurts and aches a lot in the wound, but I guess it will pass until tomorrow since it is was a rather small operation. :D


New clothingcravings as usual!
Everything is to be found on http://www.halens.se

This dog

So the dog in the tv-show Mike and Molly..
I seriously starts to laugh everytime I see his face.
Just look at it! I'ts the most funnylooking dog I've seen!



Just arrived home from a job interview!

I took the picture this morning when I had just got dressed, and I have not had to get up early like this for more than a month so it looks like I'm still sleeping. xD Maybe I did.

The interview went well, I think .. but they seem to want someone who is studying part-time at the school where the job is to make it easier interacting with the students .. so we'll see.


I wanted to take a beautiful autumn picture, with me throwing pretty leafes in the air :'D
So my fiancé and I tried..a lot. An old man walked by and told my boyfriend to be happy with the pictures he got and let me go inside. Sort of funny because I'm the one who is nagging him to take pictures of me. xD
The result!
I love the colours of autumn so much! <3

Bat lantern

I bought a little bat lantern on ebay that arrived yesterday :D
It's so cute!
The lamp inside didn't work though, but for that price I can live with it. I just wanted the lamp for how it looks anyway.

Eyebrow update

Update on my eyebrow-project :'D
Not much have been growing in 10 days. Stay tuned, maybe something will have happened in another 10 days. ;)


This is a necklace I really could imagine wearing on our wedding :D
I'm so much in love with this! It's perfect in every way.

Heluuu! My name is Sabina but I call myself Lesthi all over the internet. I'm 24 years old. Since I was 15 I have been very interested in gothic lifestyle and clothing so all of a sudden my blog became to be just about stuff like that. :D I am a crazy cat lady who rather stays at home with my cats and fiance than to go somewhere for the weekend xD Besides that, I am a doll, movie and book-geek! I also like to bake a cake sometimes. Hope you enjoy my blog!

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