30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 24

24. Your favourite pair of shoes.
These are my favourites because of how they look:
But these are my favourite ones because they are so comfortable:

Earring hanger

I made an earring hanger today.
With the help of an empty frame and a mesh fabric.

Now I have more oversight. I am the type who forgets what I own if I do not have supervision over the stuff!

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 23

23. An article of clothing/ accessory that you consider lucky.
I would say it is this necklace. I got it when I was baptized, around 10 years ago. 
I usually wear it when I'm going somewhere and need that extra strenght from God. I feel it helps me. :)

Shoes for autumn!

Shoes arrived in my mailbox today! They are purchased from the Swedish version of Ebay for 20 SEK.

It was so long ago I bought shoes so all my autumn shoes had holes like..everywhere. And soon it's time to stop using the ballerina shoes. :( It felt wrong, however, to buy brand new shoes for a lot of money when we are sort of poor right now, so it was lucky I found these :D


Finest stripes

Stripes are not a common thing in my wardrobe, but I do have some stripy items :D
Like stockings! I loooove stockings with stripes. I want mooore colours.
And a top! 
And a pair of leggings!
These are the stripy things I own and are my post for the:

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 20

20. Your jewellry box.
I don't really have jewellry box..all of my stuff is spreaded around this place instead:

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 19

19. Your favourite earrings, rings, necklaces and/or bracelets.
Sooo. I had forgotten about this challenge a little. But here we go again!
My favourite stuffs! ^^

Cotton Candy

On my birthday last week I got a cotton candymachine from my sister. :D

We tested it today and it works superbly well! Nom!


When I got home yesterday a surprice waited for me! :D
This superpretty choker!!!!
My sister was in Paris two weeks ago and bought it for me. 
I love it! 

New but old shoes.

I was cleaning a few days ago, and found these shoes in a wardrobe. I totally forgot i had them xD
I'm so gonna wear them more now, they are pretty! I used to wear them a lot when I was more into gothic lolita.
Sadly I didn't get a very good picture of them.

Coca-cola is always the one...

Whenever there is fun, there's always coca-cola :D
Since I got this perfect clock last week... It's so pretty!
I thought I show you our special coca-cola table also. :D
Thats where we keep all the non-gothic stuff xD Coca-cola and cupcake related,

The Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment: Purses and Bags

So, the assignment this month is to show you guys all my purses and bags. I'm gonna start with this one, it's a favourite, but I use it very rarley anyway because it's so small.
I got it from my sister after much whining and nagging about how nice I thought it was. :'D
This one you have seen before. My most used bag with all my important stuff. Skeletons <3
My fluffy bag :D I made it myself but short after that I found the skeleton bag so this bag was quickly replaced xD Still like it though.
This is a computerbag but i use it to transport my bjd-dolls in to dollmeetings and stuff. :D
Last two backs. The heartshaped I bought during a lolitamoment. The other one has been with me since 2004. It's very useful and comfortable to have on the shoulder.
That was all my bags!
Thank you for this great assignment professor :D

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 15

15.Your newest purchase.
Bracelets :D
(13 SEK for these three, it's like a robbery, I found them in a clothingstore where I live also, one costed 45 SEK there..)


So this months theme at sophistique noir is bows :D Since you always see my hairbows all over this place I wanted to show something else.
Sadly I must have deleted the larger picture I had of this, so I hope you will manage with this since I dont have the time to take a new one. >__<

Larp tunic

I was trying on my larp clothing for next larp and noticed that my tunic decided to shrink in the wash so now the sleeves are too short. >< Darn. Maybe I can remake it to a summer tunic.
Oh well, I bought this instead.
I hope it will arrive in time! ^^

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 12

12. A piece of jewelry that everyone complements you on.

These earrings :D people lööööve them.

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 11

11. A piece of jewelry that a Grandparent gave you.

It's from my boyfriends grandmother though :D Me myself are not blessed with lovely grandparents of my own.

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 9

9. A cute dress/skirt
It's my nom nom dress!

New earrings

I bought these earrings yesterday :D They suit my hair very well. They only costed 20 SEK oh my, totally worth that money! <3

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 8

7. Your most expensive clothing
I think its this wintercoat!
I bought it from ebay, custommade. It's a lolitacoat. ^.^

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