Morbid decoration - Bat in cage

For sale HERE, very expensive..  O__O

The murder of Sophie Lancaster

This morning when I looked around youtube for random gothic stuff, I found this video. It's about a 20 year old girl who was brutally attacked and murdered just for being a goth a few years ago. She didnt survive the attack, and I get cold chills thinking of that this is not something rare for any subculture. There is so much hate for people who dare to be different. I think you should all watch this video.

Here is the website for the foundation started to work towards a more tolerant, less violent society.

Restyle jewellery

My wishlist from restyle! I need so bad to put an order there in the future!

Photosession: Gothic fairytale

So as I said before I was doing a photoshoot with a friend yesterday :D And she is really a great photographer. She makes it easy and fun posing, I never feel uncomfortable and she is so good at giving feedback.

Here is the result. I like them all :D
You can find her blog HERE and deviantart HERE
So all photos are also edited by her.

Crazy picture too ;D

I love this facexpression of mine xD new facebook picture maybe, mwaha!

Really fun photosession!

The Goth Challenge: Day twentyfour

Day 24 – Name the best websites for Goths.

All gothic tumblrs :D
Here are my favourites

and also the Ladies in black group on facebook, I love it so so much! ^^

Best wedding-proposal ever!

One of my favourite blogs Gaymasen, put this on his blog. And wow, greatest proposal I have ever seen, I just have to blog about it :D

The girlfriend is so cute and happy :'D what great friends and family they have!

Outfit of today! ^.^

Outfit from the morning :'D I had a photosession with a friend I haven't met in years because of the session I changed clothes a lot later! Such a fun day! I've missed hanging out with her.

I borrowed my moms red lipstick, I looooooove it, I wanna steal it.

The Goth Challenge: Day twentythree

Day 23 – Your favourite artist or photographer.

Victoria Frances, I wrote about her here last year. ^^

From lacetop to bolero

A few months ago i bought a lacetop on ebay. When it arrived it was too short and so so small. :<
So last week I made a bolero of it, yaaay :D
I'm very happy with the result.

Disney females

I stumbled over some pretty versions of the disney females, painted by J.Scott Campbell.
I like them a lot :D

Future IKEA-shopping

My boyfriend and I have planned to buy a new couch if I get a job in the fall. We have been longing for this couch for ages so it will probably be that, we are hoping to find it on second hand for cheaper price, hehe ..

We also want this cabinet to put our swords in! They deserve to be more visible than they are now. :<

The Goth Challenge: Day twentytwo

Day 22 – If you could attend any Goth event what would it be?

Wave gotik treffen!


I want these toys!
I'm so excited to see the the movie this summer!

Curly hair <3

This was my outfit and hair today at my boyfriends grandmas 85-year old party, yaaay :D

I love loosehair clips ^^

Another outfit, yay!

Todays outfit ay my mums :D and her cute cat called "Plufs" sneaking in xD

She is so cute and cuddly, i wanna bring her home everytime.

Egypt inspired makeup

I tried an Egyptian make-up today to match my necklace. I think in failed! I'm so bad at making "strong" makeups unfortunately. So details can not be seen so good in pictures. :P
Oh well.

Jenna Marbles

If you havent seen any videos from this woman yet, you should! She is awesome, funny and very pretty! I think I'm gonna ask my boyfriend if we can marry her ;D

The Goth Challenge: Day twentyone

Day 21 – What body mod do you have or have you considered?

I actually had a piercing from 2007 to 2009 in my left eyebrown before. But it grew out :(
Now I dont want piercings since I work in bakery. But I have many many tattoos planned. :D

Random picture with the piercing :P

Houses I want to live in.

All found on different tumblrs.


Today I visited my summer job to write on payrollpaper and get a tour around. It looks great, I'm so curious to get started. Feels quite surreal for me to get paid to make cakes! :'D

So this is todays outfit:

I so love this skirt! I feel like Morticia in it!

Popcorn phonecase!

Tadaa my new phonecase!
It's stupidly hard to find a case for my Nokia N8 D: I guess that phone isn't so popular.
This is the cutest I have found so far, though I wanted something with disney! Good thing I love popcorn, I sometimes it it for dinner when I'm to tired making something else xD

World Goth Day 2012

Happy world goth day! ^^

Since I'm home today, in pyjamas looking like shit, I give you a old picture instead :'D

The Goth Challenge: Day twenty

Day 20 – If you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?

I already had all the colours I wanted, but something I lately felt cravings for is keeping one side of the head black and dye the other half blue. :D But I'm still happy with my black hair so maybe I do this after our wedding instead. Next time I dye my hair I will try this though, it would be fun to have some blue shades in the black.

Green hair back at 2011 ^^

Pink/Red hair 2010

Hot topic

Why must you have so much clothing I want!

Bedroom dreams

I so want our bedroom to look like this!


The Goth Challenge: Day nineteen

Day 19 – Share beauty advise and take a photo of your make up.

Answering this question feels like shouting: IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT! xD
I wouldnt say I'm the right person to give someone else a beauty advise (even though I sometimes do it in my head) ;D I dont see myself as a "beauty" and I'm actually more thrilled when someones tells me: Your so weird! Than if they tell me; You're so beautiful. Soooo I'm just giving you a picture of my face and telling you the ordinary beauty advice which I absolutely don´t follow myself: Drink lots of water every day ;D

So this is what I look like every day more or less!

Black violets

Sooo... Yesterday I planted black violets in my cross-shaped pot :D I hope they will grow, but thinking of my previous attempts to get something to grow in my garden it will probably not happen xD but we'll see. To be continued, dundun ..

Skeleton cake topper

On our wedding we are gonna have skeletons on the top of the cake :D

This is the ones I have found I like the best so far.

For me the skeletons will symbolize that our love will never die ^^ not even when we die.

Todays outfit

My outfit today when I visited a very good friend. ^.^

The Goth Challenge: Day eighteen

Day 18 – Worst hair experience.

2,5 years ago I tried wooldreads for the first and last time. I always wear synthetic but this time I wanted to try something new. Oh the itching >.< I didn't wear them for long.. 3 days I think, maybe I'm allergic to wool I don't know.

Mirror mirror.

This mirror from Lagerhaus has been on my wishlist for very long. Today when me and my fiancé went there he bought it for me as a graduation gift, yay :D

It's so pretty. ^.^

Red riding hood

I got an idea to make my own gothic interpretation of Disney and fairytale characters :D so first up is Little Red Riding Hood. Any suggestions on what my next character will be?

A few years ago I made Snowwhite: link

The Goth Challenge: Day seventeen

Day 17 – Your favourite Goth brand.

Hmm, since I mostly buy second hand..and I don´t care about brands, if something is black and pretty I want it, I dont think I have a favourite! xD

But if you have a favourite brand, do tell me so I can check it out :D

True story bro!

The Goth Challenge: Day sixteen

Day 16 – What's the most casual you've ever dressed?

Hmm.. I think I dress casual a lot. (Black pants, black top) Because it's easy to change into working outfit then.
But if I would choose a period of my life I was MOST casual it was when I had really short hair a few years ago.

It's so weird, when my hair is that short I dont feel comfortable in dresses...

Jag vill vinna en Canon 600D!

Jag är med och tävlar på Fokis blogg om att vinna en kamera. :D
Detta kommer även denna sommar vara min favoritoutfit. :) Hatten skyddar mitt lilla huvud från solen och klänningen är sval samtidigt som den skyddar mig från att bli brun, ;D

Om jag vinner kameran kommer jag mest fota mina

mina katter

och mina bakverk

I'm in the competition at Fokis blog to win a camera. :D
This will this summer be my favorite outfit. :) The hat protects my little head from the sun and the dress is cool while protecting my skin from becoming brown :D

If I win the camera, I mostly will use it to take pictures of my
BJD-s, cats and pastries.

Graduating day!

Today I graduated!
So now I'm a pastry chef/baker for real! Wohoo!

To celebrate I put in dreads so this is my outfit today :D

Kira wanted so much to be in a picture. And I'm also a princess today of course. A pastry princess.


19th century lady

This woman dresses only in victorian clothing and her house is decorated to look like it's the 19th century. :D
I think she looks very pretty and interesting. It would be exciting to visit her house!

You can read the article HERE.

The Goth Challenge: Day fifteen

Day 15 – Your favourite or most expensive item in your wardrobe.

I think this requires two pictures :D

My favourite:

The pretty pretty skirt I wanted for so long. At least right now it's my favourite :D

My most expensive:

Nursedress, yeeeah! Picture is about 4 years old and that would also be the last time I had it on xD Not a popular dress!

Desperate housewives

I have now watched the final episode of Desperate housewives! EVER! And I feel so sad..

I have followed this serie for 8 years, I never got tired of it as so many did after the first few seasons.I have faithfully followed it and loved every episode!

Completely crazy what a serie can give you, a new episode has many times lifted my whole day when I was feeling at my worst with my gastrich catarr.
And now
it's over. :'(
But it was a really good and nice final episode, I wish I could personally thank the creators of the series.

Bye Wisteria Lane and all the lovely characthers <3
Maybe I start over from the beginning with the serie someday. :)

The Goth Challenge: Day fourteen

Day 14 – What was your best and worst DIY disaster.

Gosh, that is truly a hard question. The worst would probably be those times I had some pretty clothing I wanted to change something on and ended up ruin the whole thing :'D But mostly when I start with a project I do succeed! And also, how can you have a GOOD disaster? xD really weird question.

Todays outfit

My dear pants! They were purposely broken when I bought them almost 3 years ago and they are only getting better :'D

Cat versus human

So relatable!

Celebration time!

Yesterday my fiancé and I was invited to a celebration party from his job. They have been merged with another company and that company celebrates 150 years this year! So it was a big party, 2,500 people were there, it was famous Swedish artists singing dinner. Very fun!

We looked like this:

Closeup on my fluffy hair. :)

I tried for once to paint my nails! I are not so good at it xD It's supposed to be vampire tooths, but it looks mostly messy. :P


I want these as weddingshoes! Wish I could buy them already :/ They are sort of expensive.. And besides.. I would like to have weddingshoes I also wanna wear AFTER the wedding, and I know for sure that white shoes will never be worn here on a ordinary day. So I think I'm gonna buy a pair of black ballerinashoes instead and put the glitterstones on by my self.


Yesterday I watched the Tyra Banks show about vampires. :D I'm so fascinated by these people who belivie they are vampires :D I would love to see more documentarys about it, because they were three people, they all claimed they are vampires, but yet they are so different from each other, mucho interesting personalitys.

You can see the movies HERE on youtube.

New shoes

My new summershoes :D Glitter! <3
I bought them second hand to a very cheap price, even though they seem brand new.

My most used outfit

Admit it, this is your favourite of my outfits so far ;D

Today I had the ultimate baking test at school. You had pick a note with three things on and then had 3.5 hours to do them for infront of a pastry chef who had come to our school be the jury! Ugh ugh!
So glad that part is over now, only one school week to go now also, It feels very weird and sad!

Monthly Homework Assignment: Prized Possessions

This months theme at Professeur Gothique is prized possessions and I immediately knew which one I would choose! :D
My belovde teddybear Rätotitti! She has been with me since I was one year old, a truly good friend!
I wouldn´t hesitate 1 second to save her in a fire.

I slept my beautysleep with her in my arms until I was 18 years old (now I'm 23) even though I by then lived with my boyfriend xD He had to share me with her. The only reason she moved from our bed to sit with my other teddybears is because I'm afraid she will fall apart poor thingy <3 So I hope she is happy anyway ;)

Anyway, she is one of my most prized possessions and we have million of funny but also sad memories together.

Todays outfit

I felt like wearing my favourite lolita dress today :D I have many times tried to be fulltime lolita because those people are always so darn pretty, but no..I can't live without my pure gothic stuff that isn't lolita.

Accesories of today. ^__^

To choose a dress..

Time flies by.. and very soon (in august) it's time to play my noblewoman again at a larp :D

This picture is from last year. ^^
But since I want my larpcharacthers to evolve I need a new outfit to go with the other changes I'm making so my choice is right now between these:

But I will probably find more choices as time passes xD I would prefer a red dress.

Toooo sunny

So this years battle has begun...
trying to keep the sun away from my skin, and at the same time stay cold as possible AND wear black. Maxidresses are awesome, feels like being naked ;D

In my future garden

I want a swing like this!

Necklace collection

I was cleaning amongst my jewellry the other day so I tokk some pictures of my necklace collection :D

Happily divorced

I started to watch a new serie this week called Happily divorced. It sooooo funny!
And the maincharacther is the same women from "Nanny", I have always loved her :D

Some of the clothing she wears is very pretty, with laces and stuff :D


Found on ebay, wantz it soooo baaaad.

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