Candyskull face

Yesterday my friend Andrea was here, and we had three photosessions :D
A little sneakpeak here.
I took this picture before we started.
It was so much fun! I hope the pictures turned out great.

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Postat av: ette

Wow, this looks wonderful. Love the little red petals around your eyes.

And your inspiration-photo is lovely as well, I first thought it was one from 666 photography, but they are different. Maybe you are interested to see them, love the style of her photos:

Oh, and I can ask you know and don't have to write a seperate mail to you tomorrow: Was your post on my blog (thank you very much again) an entry for my giveaway as well or not? Only to make sure who is participating and who is not. :-)

2012-06-29 @ 21:09:27
Postat av: kakuidori

you look great! i doubt id look nice with this kind of makeup :-P

2012-07-01 @ 03:17:50

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