Well since I don't have any halloweenparty to go to..I dressed up as a clown and took pictures of myself instead. xD
I have always wanted to try a clown-makeup, even though I'm scared of clowns.
Saaaad clown. I intended from the start to shoot with the theme of "sorry", but it was much easier to be happy.

Dressed in white (photosession 3)

Last photosession set from last photosession with Andrea. ^^

Living doll photosession

The second photosession, me being a doll :D I have been so busy I havent had the time to upload these!
Photographers blog:
My cats <3
I totally have to wear that outfit to a dollmeet sometime.

Candyskull photosession

Since me and my friend had three photosessions, I will upload them in three entries. ^^
Photographers blog:
This was so much fun :D we were a little worried with the makeup, but it turned out great!

Photosession: Giselle from Enchanted

Last week my sister stayed here from thursday to sunday, which gave us time to finally have the Giselle-photosession we have been planning for soooo long. :D I made the dress for 1,5 years ago!
The dress is made by me, and all photos are photographed and edited by my sister, here you can visit her blog:
My boyfriend was laughing so much when he saw me xD He said that he do not want me to start dress like that on daily basis ;D

Photosession: Gothic fairytale part 2

Since I dont have anything else to blog about today, here are two more pictures from the photosession last week. ^^

I love her editing on this, it really looks like its night :D <3

The rest of the pictures can be seen here: LINK

Photosession: Gothic fairytale

So as I said before I was doing a photoshoot with a friend yesterday :D And she is really a great photographer. She makes it easy and fun posing, I never feel uncomfortable and she is so good at giving feedback.

Here is the result. I like them all :D
You can find her blog HERE and deviantart HERE
So all photos are also edited by her.

Crazy picture too ;D

I love this facexpression of mine xD new facebook picture maybe, mwaha!

Really fun photosession!

Egypt inspired makeup

I tried an Egyptian make-up today to match my necklace. I think in failed! I'm so bad at making "strong" makeups unfortunately. So details can not be seen so good in pictures. :P
Oh well.

Red riding hood

I got an idea to make my own gothic interpretation of Disney and fairytale characters :D so first up is Little Red Riding Hood. Any suggestions on what my next character will be?

A few years ago I made Snowwhite: link

Siren of the forest

Photos from the photosession me and my fiancé had in one of my larpoutfits today :D

Lady in red

Älsklish och jag hade en fotosession idag :D det var awesum skojigt men ganska kallt!


Har äntligen en bild på min snygga vinterjacka nu också :D komplimangerna bara öser över mig när jag träffar nytt folk som aldrig sett den.

Älsklish <3

The end :)

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