Sooo..today is a very very special day.
It's my 24-th birthday!
To celebrate, we will look at some pictures of my past birthdays. :D Enjoy!
1 year old! I also managed to take my first footsteps that day actually.
Here is me and my mum on my 5-th birthday. I remember a very good cake!
My 8-th birthday. And my sister looks funny as always.
10-th birthday. I threw up that day. It was a bad birthday. :'D
Turning 13. My best friend gave me a panda-plush, it's still as cute!
Sweeeet 16 ;D best year of my life I would say. The age I met my lovely boyfriend whom I still are together with.
And now, 24 today! Feeling kind of old after this time-travelling. ;) But you cant have picture from today yet because I just woke up! xD

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