OMG! <3

This is awesome! I want it!


I want these toys!
I'm so excited to see the the movie this summer!

Monthly Homework Assignment: Prized Possessions

This months theme at Professeur Gothique is prized possessions and I immediately knew which one I would choose! :D
My belovde teddybear Rätotitti! She has been with me since I was one year old, a truly good friend!
I wouldn´t hesitate 1 second to save her in a fire.

I slept my beautysleep with her in my arms until I was 18 years old (now I'm 23) even though I by then lived with my boyfriend xD He had to share me with her. The only reason she moved from our bed to sit with my other teddybears is because I'm afraid she will fall apart poor thingy <3 So I hope she is happy anyway ;)

Anyway, she is one of my most prized possessions and we have million of funny but also sad memories together.

The Big Bang Theory Singing Soft Kitty Plush

Soft Kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur.
Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,
Purr purr purr...


Big Squishable Animals

Visst vill man ha dem alla!?

Jag vill ha hela sängen full med dom! xD

Bara för att visa hur stora de är.

Men Woody..



Jag hittade en replica av Bellatrix Lestrange trollstav på ebay. :D

Jag vill ha!

Söt drake

Den här sötisen hittade jag inne på en leksaksbutik i Västerås. :D
Visst är den sjukt gullig?

Men priset, hmm...
Nog för att vi samlar på drakar men det finsn en gräns när det kommer till priser :'D

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