Unemployed, day 71!

I unfortunately did not get the job I was on interview for last week. Annoying.

Today I went to the library and borrowed a fantastic book about gender! Then I bought a birthday gift for my boyfriend's sister.

Unusually, I had pants on because my purple jeans are so pretty! (but maybe not so matching with the socks ;D)
I'm wearing my larp-tunic as well today, it's so comfortable xD


Well since I don't have any halloweenparty to go to..I dressed up as a clown and took pictures of myself instead. xD
I have always wanted to try a clown-makeup, even though I'm scared of clowns.
Saaaad clown. I intended from the start to shoot with the theme of "sorry", but it was much easier to be happy.



Just arrived home from a job interview!

I took the picture this morning when I had just got dressed, and I have not had to get up early like this for more than a month so it looks like I'm still sleeping. xD Maybe I did.

The interview went well, I think .. but they seem to want someone who is studying part-time at the school where the job is to make it easier interacting with the students .. so we'll see.


I wanted to take a beautiful autumn picture, with me throwing pretty leafes in the air :'D
So my fiancé and I tried..a lot. An old man walked by and told my boyfriend to be happy with the pictures he got and let me go inside. Sort of funny because I'm the one who is nagging him to take pictures of me. xD
The result!
I love the colours of autumn so much! <3


Yesterdays outfit and todays :D
I love the black long skirt sooooo much! 

Yesterdays outfit

Every outfit needs to be blogged about xD Even if it's a day late sometimes.

Outfit of the day

Todays outfit was this. :D 

Outfit of the day



Going to choir-practise :D
I'm happy I have that to go to every thursday. Nice to have some routines while I am unemployed.

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 22

22. Something you only wear in the summer.
Well I dont really have anything I only wear in the summer (besides bikini and I dont want to take a picture in that xD) so I just put together something!
Don't I look very summer-ish and ridicilous? :D

Todays outfit

I'm so happy with my outfit today! :D 
I was at the jobcentre at a meeting earlier. They said nothing I didn't already know.. buuut maybe it was useful for someone. 

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 21

21. Something that you only wear around the house.
My kigurumi!
I love it, but I would never leave the house in it. :'D


I had a perfect birthday. Mattias had booked tickets for the movie Brave at the movietheatre and we ate pizza in a cozy restaurant before the movie. ^^

Since we do not know when I will get a job, we had a thrifty celebration, but it was good nonetheless. :D

Todays outfit

Today I strolled down to the job center and wrote me in. I've heard a lot of crap about that place, but it went very well today a least and the person I talked to was supernice and accommodating. She said that given my qualifications and merits I should very quickly get a job. :D
So today, life feels good!


Todays "grumpy" face and outfit ;D
Was to an open house at my boyfriends job, sort of interesting. Got free candy and food, I like events like that xD

Sing to the Lord

Wohoo, I'm so excited! I'm on my way to my first choir-session in years!
I sang gospel a few years ago, but when the leader dropped of the choir wasn't the same so I quit and since that I haven´t been singing in a choir for over 6 years I think...

But now I've found a church choir here where we live and I hope it will be fun and lots of great songs. ^^


Luna was so excited so she couldnt be still ;) but she cant come with me the little thingy <3

Well, well, well..

Soooo.. earlier I was on a jobinterview.
I didn't feel good at all...Honestly .. I'm not good at interviews. I get nervous, so afterwards, I do not even remember what I said in there >__< Bleh.

Todays cat

A blurry outfit, at my moms house with cute little Plufs. ^^
(Btw, if my responsetext under the comments still isn't showing, try press F5, it should help)


So typical me that the day before a LARP think of things I need.
So now I'm going out on the town and obtain a wicker basket!
Shall submit a job application also though. Wish me luck!
So typical me to the day before a LARP come to think of things I need. O__O
So now I'm going out on the town and obtain a wicker basket!
Shall also submit a job application to a store though. :D Wish me luck!

Todays outfit

Unnecessary thing that I do sometimes, my boyfriend and I were just to go for some quick foodshopping today but I dressed up like there is no tomorrow! xD

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