My new hobby

I've started practicing karate :D

I was on a Tuesday for the first time, then it felt really hard and I was not sure if I was too woozy to the sport. But yesterday on my second practise it was crazy fun, the group is very nice, the teachers helpful and I get the feeling that karate is something I can be really good at!

Feels so very good because I now find myself in a sort of life-crisis because of unemployment and I often get the feeling that I'm not particularly good at anything.

And the best part is that my darling joined the karate-club with me, it makes it even more fun! :D 

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Postat av: Linnea-Maria

Vad kul! :) Jag vet hur det är att känna sig onyttig, karate är nog en bra medicin.

Svar: Ja precis, det är just så jag känner mig, onyttig. Som att man inte bidrar med nåt till samhället :( jag tycker verkligen synd om de som går arbetslösa i flera år.

2012-10-05 @ 15:15:08

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