Bat lantern

I bought a little bat lantern on ebay that arrived yesterday :D
It's so cute!
The lamp inside didn't work though, but for that price I can live with it. I just wanted the lamp for how it looks anyway.

Bedroom makeover today

I put up some fabric over the bed :D and artifical flowers. The wallpaper is so UGLY! But we can't paint over it because we are renting the apartment.
Now it's a little nicer, anyway. The plan is to get some lightgarlands also to hang up. 

Looking forward to the future when we will have black and red walls in our bedroom :D

Gothic wreath

I received a late birthday present from my fiancé's mother yesterday. :D

A very nice wreath to hang on the door.

So pretty, absolutely wonderful that it is black!


I long time ago I bought wall decals for our bedroom. I tried to put up a leaf on the wall to see if any of the wallpaper would be destroyed of it, since we are only renting this apartment. Sadly it did :P so i didnt dare to put up the whole thing. So instead I have now put it on a window :D
Totally nice!

Floating skulls

New soap dispenser: D
Is not it wonderful!
New soap dispenser: D
Is it not wonderful!

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 1

1. Your closet
Giant mess! :P

New curtains

Today I got new curtains :D I bought them on facebook xD so useful place sometimes.
This is what our bedroom looked like before the new curtains:
Red curtains which have been hanging there seince we moved here in august 2010. They are very see through..thats have been bothering me so much in the mornings with the sun so thats why I went black curtain hunting!
Tadaaaa, blaaaaack :D You will have to excuse the bad pictures..I have no photoshop right now because I need to install it on my new cumputer.
Pattern :D I love them, I hope they will help me sleep longer in mornings.

Bats on the wall

Was home sick today, truly boring, so I put some bats on the wall. :D

Suits very well under the Toon Hertz paintings :D

Rose arch

Been decorating this arch today ^^ I'm so happy I found one, maybe this summer we wont have to ashamed over our little garden xD Last year we did nothing and it looked kind of boring beside our neighbours flowery gardens..

Förvaring av tyg

ÄNTLIGEN har jag blivit av med Gekåskassen. Nu är det ordning och reda bland alla mina tyger. :D

2 kartonger för 35 kronor på IKEA. Mycket awesome :)

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