Obituary Challenge

The Obituary Challenge! Thanks Shannon for tagging me!

The Rules:

Link back to whoever tagged you.


Put these rules in your tag
Write an obituary about yourself (it can be as funny or as serious as you like)
Write a paragraph or two (or more if necessary) in length.
You may tag up to 10 people, and be sure to link them.
Have fun, because creative writing is one of the greatest joys in life!


My Obituary:

Sabina, age 90, died last week due by old age. She was calmy laying on her bed when found, holding her husbands hand, and it seems like he passed away at the exakt same moment she did.
She was born September 5, 1988, and lived a peaceful life, together with her husband and all their cats and dogs. Sabina was known for her cat-shelter that she started in her late 20-s that was going very well through all the years, and also for the books she had released. She will be missed by all family and friends, expecially by her two children Esmeralda and Emanuel.


This is actually what I wish my obituary will look like xD


I tag:


And link me back if you accept the challenge so I can read.

I expect you all to look like this now!

Liebster award

These are the rules that come with the award:
Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
Create 11 questions.
Choose 11 people and link back to them.
No tag backs.
11 Things about me:
1.  I'm not a social person and always feel a bit strange in a crowd. But I think peoples behaviour are interesting and the interaction between people. I sometimes amuse myself with my own social experiments, trying to predict peoples reactions or manipulate them. On the other hand I'm a lousy liar.
2. I'm very devoted and passionate in my relations. I love my children to bits and pieces and sometimes I beleive they think I'm too much. And I'm deeply in love with my boyfriend :).
3.  Related to no 2; I have a fast changing temperament and express my temper very much. I'm not a typical Swede in my moods. I seem to be very upset when I in reality need to point my opinion.
4. Well I say my opinion in the most unconvenient situations and in a "unfeminine" (hate that word) way. I'm too honest for my own good.
5. I'm a feminist at heart. I hate when people regardless of sex limit themself by blaming on their gender. They say they can't do this or that because that is the mens/womens job. Or when people behave different depending on the gender of the person they are talking to. I have experiences of being spoken to over my head, have backs turned to like I was a legally incompetent person. The womens wages are still lower than mens for the same work.
6. I have a bachelor examina in chemistry, but have worked as a steel mill scientist and now as a production engineer.
7. I have a very sensitive skin and make my own facecream. I get eczema or breakouts from commercial products and it's difficult to find a shampoo that works for my hair. Thinking of making the shampo myself as well. I used to make my own soaps. When I found an old one and tried it I thinking of starting again, it's a very time consuming and a dangerous procedure.
8. I have my own studio used for sewing, paper or jewellery projects. I wish I had more time to spend there.
9. The garden is one of the things that drags me outdoors. I have my vegetable garden, nothing beats homegrown veggies in taste and nutrition.
10. I don't go to clubs, I think they sucks (like a meat market), I prefer going to concerts of festivals. I have Rockstad here in Falun to look forward to in august :)
11. I still try to figure out "what I will do when I grow up". I'm a very curious person and always want to learn new skills and knowledges. I can be a geek if the subject is interesting. My totem animal is the owl, because it stands for wisdom and it's a bird and birds stands for freedom.
My 11 questions:
1. How would you describe your own personality?
2. What is your clothing style, do you have a name for it or can describe it?
3. Do you have a pet?
4. What is your main colour in your closet?
5. Do you have a favourite designer?
6. How do you keep yourself healthy? Do you have any tips and tricks?
7. Do you have one make up item you can't live without, what would that be?
8. How do you live? Flat or house and in what style do you decorate your home?
9. What is your profession?
10. What is your natural haircolour?
11. Favourite food?
11 questions for you:
I'll tag following bloggers and they will feel free to answer my questions.
I got this award from :D
These are the rules that come with the award:
Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
Create 11 questions.
Choose 11 people and link back to them.
No tag backs.
11 Things about me:

1. I eat candy every day. That's bad..
2. I can bend my fingers really scary growse backwards. That's fucked up.
3. I quit doing things to easily because I wan't to be best and when I notice I can't I just quit.
4. I am a hypochondriac and I think I have all sorts of cancer many times every month until my fiancé calms me down :P
5. I am a teetotaler and never ever in my whole life I will drink a drop of alcohol.
6. I love toys, if I didnt stop myself I would have a bunch of little pet shops, plushies and plenty other cute toys in my house xD I think when I get kids I will be more excited then them to buy toys.
7. I'm scared of ghosts, but I'm too interested in that subject to stop reading about them and watch scary movies.
8. I love watching tv-series! <3
9. I wish i someday could start a catshelter. But that requires a huuuge amount of money..
10. I love to put green makeup on and running around in the woods. ;D it's called larp.
11. These two people beside me is my favourite people in the world:

My 11 questions:
1. How would you describe your own personality?
I'm pretty shy until I feel comfortable with someone, but after a certain point it is not possible to silence me. I LOVE to talk. I am social, but only to a certain amount, because I enjoy just being at home alone with my boyfriend and our cats. Crazy cat lady is probably a good description. Other than that, I at least have been told that I am funny, wacky and kind xD
2. What is your clothing style, do you have a name for it or can describe it?
Black clothing, mostly dresses so I call myself goth but some might say I'm not. :P
3. Do you have a pet?
Yeees, two lovely cats, They are the greatest <3
4. What is your main colour in your closet?
5. Do you have a favourite designer?
6. How do you keep yourself healthy? Do you have any tips and tricks?
Well I dont xD I eat to much sugar and are very lazy with the workout since I started working.
7. Do you have one make up item you can't live without, what would that be?
Yes, my black pen which I make my eyebrows with :D
8. How do you live? Flat or house and in what style do you decorate your home?
Apartment, me and my fiancé want dragondecoration and gothic style overall at home, so we are working on that bit by bit. ^^
9. What is your profession?
I'm both educated in graphic design and pastry/baking, but I dont wanna work with graphic stuff.
10. What is your natural haircolour?
11. Favourite food?
CANDY! And Pizza.

11 questions for you:

1. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
2. What is your favourite candy?
3. Are you a cat or a dogperson, and why?
4. What bands have you seen live?
5. If you had to choose between eating poo once, or holding a clowns hand for a whole month, what would it be?
6. What would your dream wedding be like?
7. Top three favourite movies?
8. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done in public?
9. What would you do if you had only one day left to live?
10. Are you addicted to something, and in that case what?
11. What is your favourite disneymovie?

I'll tag following bloggers and they will feel free to answer my questions.
Vamp in da house
Geeky goth girl

Challenge accepted (30 Day Clothing Challenge)

  • Your closet.
  • Your favourite shirt.
  • A piece of clothing or jewelry that was a gift
  • A shirt that you haven’t worn yet.
  • Your favourite pair of jeans.
  • A pair of pants that aren’t jeans.
  • A cute outfit of yours.
  • Your most expensive article of clothing.
  • A cute dress/ skirt.
  • An outfit you wore on a special day.
  • A piece of jewelry that a Grandparent gave you.
  • A piece of jewelry that everyone complements you on.
  • An outfit you wish you had.
  • Cute socks.
  • Your newest purchase.
  • You and someone wearing matching clothes.
  • An article of clothing that you made or altered.
  • A piece of jewelry that you made.
  • Your favourite earrings, rings, necklaces and/or bracelets.
  • Your jewelry box.
  • Something that you only wear around the house.
  • Something you only wear in the summer.
  • An article of clothing/ accessory that you consider lucky.
  • Your favourite pair of shoes.
  • Shoes you love but hardly wear.
  • A mismatched outfit that you’d never wear (go wild: earrings, belts, crazy skirts etc).
  • A hat.
  • An outfit you are ashamed to say you wore.
  • Something that is your favourite brand.
  • Something from your favourite store.

Since the goth challenge is over I felt the need to start this challenge, found  here, I feel it suits my blog well doing this. ^^

The Goth Challenge: Day thirty

Last one :)

Day 30 – Make a list of blogs you regularly read and link to them.

My favourite gothblogs:

The Goth Challenge: Day twentynine

Day 29 – What do you think will happen to Goth in the future?

I think it probably will change in appearance as it also has been doing through all the years. :) I think it's exciting, what will goth be when I'm 50!? :D I dont think the Goth subculture will never ever die at least.

The Goth Challenge: Day twentyeight

Day 28 – Do you consider yourself an eldergoth?

No not yet :P I might be 23, but I feel like 18 still, and people think I'm 16 sometimes when they meet me for the first time so xD

Me being all classy and stuff.

The Goth Challenge: Day twentyseven

Day 27 – The worst thing you ever did to a newbie.

I never met a newbie what I know :O
So the worst thing maybe would be when I told my sister converse are very uncomfortable because I didnt want her to have the same shoes as me ;D but I dont see converse as goth-shoes anyway so. xD

Since I dont have a picture of converse I give you Luna with a piece of chicken!

The Goth Challenge: Day twentysix

Day 26 – Show a photo for every year (or month if you're new) that you've being into Goth.






2009, I was
not dressing as a goth at all most of this year i must admit!



2012 :)

The Goth Challenge: Day twentyfive

Day 25 – Did you ever consider leaving the subculture?

Yes, and I have a few times. I have tried focus on other clothingstyles like lolita, cyber and other but I always feel something is missing and I dont feel comfortable in other colours than black.
Last summer was a low point for me.. I forgot who I was and started to wear what I think i should call "ordinary clothing" I actually hated. When I realized that I sold all stupid colourful clothes and started to build up my gothic closet again. ^^

Last summer >.<

This year: The real me :D

The Goth Challenge: Day twentyfour

Day 24 – Name the best websites for Goths.

All gothic tumblrs :D
Here are my favourites

and also the Ladies in black group on facebook, I love it so so much! ^^

The Goth Challenge: Day twentythree

Day 23 – Your favourite artist or photographer.

Victoria Frances, I wrote about her here last year. ^^

The Goth Challenge: Day twentytwo

Day 22 – If you could attend any Goth event what would it be?

Wave gotik treffen!

The Goth Challenge: Day twentyone

Day 21 – What body mod do you have or have you considered?

I actually had a piercing from 2007 to 2009 in my left eyebrown before. But it grew out :(
Now I dont want piercings since I work in bakery. But I have many many tattoos planned. :D

Random picture with the piercing :P

The Goth Challenge: Day twenty

Day 20 – If you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?

I already had all the colours I wanted, but something I lately felt cravings for is keeping one side of the head black and dye the other half blue. :D But I'm still happy with my black hair so maybe I do this after our wedding instead. Next time I dye my hair I will try this though, it would be fun to have some blue shades in the black.

Green hair back at 2011 ^^

Pink/Red hair 2010

The Goth Challenge: Day nineteen

Day 19 – Share beauty advise and take a photo of your make up.

Answering this question feels like shouting: IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT! xD
I wouldnt say I'm the right person to give someone else a beauty advise (even though I sometimes do it in my head) ;D I dont see myself as a "beauty" and I'm actually more thrilled when someones tells me: Your so weird! Than if they tell me; You're so beautiful. Soooo I'm just giving you a picture of my face and telling you the ordinary beauty advice which I absolutely don´t follow myself: Drink lots of water every day ;D

So this is what I look like every day more or less!

The Goth Challenge: Day eighteen

Day 18 – Worst hair experience.

2,5 years ago I tried wooldreads for the first and last time. I always wear synthetic but this time I wanted to try something new. Oh the itching >.< I didn't wear them for long.. 3 days I think, maybe I'm allergic to wool I don't know.

The Goth Challenge: Day seventeen

Day 17 – Your favourite Goth brand.

Hmm, since I mostly buy second hand..and I don´t care about brands, if something is black and pretty I want it, I dont think I have a favourite! xD

But if you have a favourite brand, do tell me so I can check it out :D

The Goth Challenge: Day sixteen

Day 16 – What's the most casual you've ever dressed?

Hmm.. I think I dress casual a lot. (Black pants, black top) Because it's easy to change into working outfit then.
But if I would choose a period of my life I was MOST casual it was when I had really short hair a few years ago.

It's so weird, when my hair is that short I dont feel comfortable in dresses...

The Goth Challenge: Day fifteen

Day 15 – Your favourite or most expensive item in your wardrobe.

I think this requires two pictures :D

My favourite:

The pretty pretty skirt I wanted for so long. At least right now it's my favourite :D

My most expensive:

Nursedress, yeeeah! Picture is about 4 years old and that would also be the last time I had it on xD Not a popular dress!

The Goth Challenge: Day fourteen

Day 14 – What was your best and worst DIY disaster.

Gosh, that is truly a hard question. The worst would probably be those times I had some pretty clothing I wanted to change something on and ended up ruin the whole thing :'D But mostly when I start with a project I do succeed! And also, how can you have a GOOD disaster? xD really weird question.

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