Iron Fist Wolf bag

I'm the sort of person who uses one bag at a time. Now my current bag is starting to loose colour and I'm kind of tired of it because it has no pocket! So this one will be my next bag as soon as I can afford it. It's so perfect!

Christmas list

Yesterday I spent a shameful amount of time making a wishlist on ebay xD
I think it's a good idea though, because now I can just give this list to family if they are wondering about my christmas wishes. 
This is a few of the things on my "little" list. And here is the entire one.
Do you use the public wishlist on ebay?

Cat shoes!

I found some awesome shoes on ebay today :D
I want them both!


New clothingcravings as usual!
Everything is to be found on


Some larpclothing I wish I had from batalj.

Zombie pony dress

If you give me this dress I will love you forever! :D

Another wishlist

Some nice clothing I found at


Some clothing added to my wishlist. :'D
Could any fabric be more awesome than this? Probably not.

Dolce and Gabbana dress

I do not know much about fashion, but this dress by Dolce and Gabbana that I stumbled across .. it is absolutely stunning! It was apparently on some fashion show recently and is called the cherub dress.

I hope for a dress inspired by it in some store in the future, and then hopefully with lots of puffiness as the original!


For those who doesn't know this, League of Legends is one of my favourite games, I play it a lot :D
My favourite charachters are Teemo, Ryze, Miss Fortune and Amumu! <3 And I found these supercute shirts with Amumu on.
I like the second one the best because it's available in womens passform. I wish I had it, Amumu is the cutest!

Skeleton dress

I want this dress :-D
Can be bought here:

Cute bat bag

Wouldn't say no to this little cute bag :D
From amazon

Pumpkin Playsuit

So cute :D If I had it I would wear it as pyjamas a lot. 

Jeffrey Campbell HOMG Skeleton

I really really really really really really want these shoes! O___O


I have never liked ponchos before, but the last month I have been wanting one xD
They look so comfy and waaaaarm!

Disney stooooore

The list of what clothing I want from disneystore! :D

Bat bag

And now how cute isn't this bag? :D
But 90 euro..that is one expensive bag!


I want blooomers! It's so pretty to wear instead of a skirt. :)

Wanna grab a bite?

Life is so unfair. Why do t-shirts like this only exist for children! xD I want it!
link to website

Pretty leggings

This website have so many nice leggings!
I think Im addicted to leggings at the moment. :'D

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