Made some featheraccessories today :D I think I will wear the red one tonight at the May bonfire.

Todays outfit

I looooove shirtdresses!

Yay my hair is growing so fast nowadays :D


2 people have since I made the rose headband said that they think I should wear that on my wedding :'D but actually I spend a lot of time searching for the perfect tiara I will wear on our wedding, because I know I want a tiara!
These are my favourites at the moment.

Weddingdressdescription to my dressmaker :)


My new headband with lots of roses :D I love it so much and it was easy to make, just some artificial flowers, glue and a ordinary headband. ^__^


Today me and my darling went to see a movie, The Avengers :D It was truly awesome and I dressed like this!

I made that headband with roses a few days ago, I will show it more later. :)

Todays outfit

I was stressed when I took this picture this morning so I dont look happy at all xD Just wanted to show you my pretty stockings :D I bought them on a sale at HM last week, I think they will be worn a lot.


Today I got a very good news! I got a job as a pastry chef for the summer! :D I'm so crazy happy that I almost jump in the air.

So I visited today my internship for the last time. Sobs! And got these great gifts from my supervisors.

I'm really gonna miss them.

I truly love the necklace, looks very Egyptish (and I've always thought I was Egyptian in my previous life, in Pharaoh's time xD)

Pretty pretty necklace <3

The Goth Challenge: Day thirteen

Day 13 – What was your first band t-shirt?


Everything looks better with a cat!

My outfit today on my boyfriends grandpas birthday :D

And everything looks better with a cat on!

Wind in my hair :D <3

Hair clip holder

I made myself a hair clip holder :D
I saw one on etsy yesterday and i just wanted one!

Before I put the hairclips on. :)

After :D With place for more to come, huhu.


This is a great way to keep them organized, then I wont forget to wear any of them.

Dry my soul

Crazygood song :D *dancing around*

Rammstein cover

How cool aren´t they :D 5 and 8 years old, I couldn´t play like that.

Little mermaid

Bwahaha, I'm so gonna dress my future kid like that and have photosessions!

Once upon a time


Outfit of today

I knew Mattias was behind me and I thought he would do something stupid, so I look prepared ;D
Was on a bjd-meeting today again, and it was so much fun!


I want my weddingpicture to look like this :'D

Bat belt

So cute :D I wonder where it is from.

The Goth Challenge: Day twelve

Day 12 – What's your gothic inspiration?

Mostly blogs nowadays, but also my favourite gothic artists. Other than that I think i mostly just buy stuff I like a lot.. O_o

Fangs and frilly butt.

Todays outfit :)

With both cats <3 I love this skirt so much cause it's so "poofy" back there, I got it for christmas from my boyfriends sister, she is very good at choosing clothes for me! :'D

My favourite necklace right now!

Gothic awesome bed!

Give meee!

Bat tattoos

I know I someday want a bat-tattoo :D but where!
here are some inspiring pictures, click on the pictures to visit the persons tumblr.

Bats on the wall

Was home sick today, truly boring, so I put some bats on the wall. :D

Suits very well under the Toon Hertz paintings :D


Omg, I'm a Slytherin xD I always thought I was a Hufflepuff.

My name is CentaurHazel11323 on www.pottermore.com if you wanna add me. ^^


Catchy and cute :'D

Siren of the forest

Photos from the photosession me and my fiancé had in one of my larpoutfits today :D

Bling bling

My new larpjewellry I forgot to blog about. :D but it's so pretty so I will probably use it a lot more often!


Todays outfit when I went for a little bjd-minimeet. ^.^

A little cutie I also met today. <3 I wanted to bring him with me home!

30 Day Disney Challenge - Your Favorite Heroine

Day 03: Your Favorite Heroine

Mulan! How awesome isn´t she! Going to war so save her father.

Tarja Turunen

I so wish I had seen Nightwish live before they lost Tarja.. Their new singer, Anette is good as well, especially in their new album Imaginaerum where the songs fit her voice better, but it's a completely different sound nowadays, and Tarja is more powerful to watch live, I think Anette seems kind of..uncomfortable in gothic stylish clothing at stage actually?!

This is one of my favourite videos with Tarja, I love her outfit!

Quoting a random person on youtube because it's true:
If anette came before tarja..nightwish would only be playing 20 minute sets at festivals..and tarja would just be a famous classical singer.

Monthly Homework Assignment: Artistic Inspirations

Toon Hertz is one of my favourite artists :D I love all the pictures and would love to have many of them hanging on my walls. So my contribution to s monthly homework assignment will be makeup inspired by one of my favourite paintings. ^^

It's called A dead heart and you can find it here.

I would have wanted to use eyelashes, but I hadnt any glue left >__<

The Goth Challenge: Day eleven

Feel like I should continue this challenge xD

Day 11 – Is Goth a lifestyle for you?

I don't know :O It depends what lifestyle means, I want my home to be as gothic as possible.. and I do listen to gothic music, but I also like to listen to other stuff, bake pink cakes, wear colory dreads and other "not so darkness" stuff xD So I think I would say, yes it is a lifestyle for me, but I have other lifestyles too!

Rose arch

Been decorating this arch today ^^ I'm so happy I found one, maybe this summer we wont have to ashamed over our little garden xD Last year we did nothing and it looked kind of boring beside our neighbours flowery gardens..

30 Day Disney Challenge - Your Favorite Princess

Day 02: Your Favorite Princess

Easy, The little Mermaid Ariel! :D

Su cute! :D

30 Day Disney Challenge - Your Favorite Character

Day 01: Your Favorite Character

This was SOOOOOOO hard, because some characters I like because they are funny, or cute, and some cause they are very pretty! D: But in the end, if I really have to choose I guess it will be Kronk xD
Cracks me up everytime.

Here lies salt and pepper

So, my fiance have that past few weeks been having huge problems with the fact that we don't have salt and pepper shakers! OMG! What a problem!
So now I have fixed that problem for him, and in the best possible way I would like to say...

Legendary Salt and Pepper shakers, legendary!
From almighty ebay of course, what else. ;)

30 Day Disney Challenge - List of Days

Im so gonna do this challenge :D

Day 01: Your Favorite Character
Day 02: Your Favorite Princess
Day 03: Your Favorite Heroine
Day 04: Your Favorite Prince
Day 05: Your Favorite Hero
Day 06: Your Favorite Animal
Day 07: Your Favorite Sidekick
Day 08: Your Favorite Villain
Day 09: Your Favorite *Original* Character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald ect.)
Day 10: Your Favorite Song
Day 11: Your Favorite Love Song
Day 12: Your Favorite Villain Song
Day 13: Your Least Favorite Song
Day 14: Your Favorite Kiss
Day 15: The First Movie You Saw
Day 16: Your Favorite Classic
Day 17: Your Lease Favorite Classic
Day 18: Your Favorite Pixar Film
Day 19: Your Least Favorite Pixar Film
Day 20: Your Favorite Sequel
Day 21: An Underrated Movie
Day 22: An Overrated Movie
Day 23: A Movie That Makes You Laugh
Day 24: A Movie That Makes You Cry
Day 25: Your Favorite Scene From Your Favorite Movie
Day 26: Saddest Death
Day 27: Your Favorite Quote
Day 28: Your Favorite Theme Park
Day 29: Your Favorite Theme Park Attraction
Day 30: Your Favorite Theme Park Show

Medieval Chibi

I wanted to show you my bjd named Chibi. I made her a dress yesterday so I took some pictures. :)


Disney pictures

I wish I had one of these paintings by Thomas Kinkade. So pretty!

If I never knew you

Corpse bride

Jag blev inspirerad när jag såg Bonesandlilies inlägg så jag målade en av mina änglar :)
Hon tappade sina vingar i en flytt för några år sen, så hon fick vara mitt försöksobjekt och jag är väldigt nöjd förutom att hon är lite kladdig här och var :P

I was inspired when I saw Bonesandlilies post last week so I painted one of my angels :)
She lost her wings when I moved a few years ago, so she could be my testobject and I'm very happy with her new look, except that she is a bit messy here and there because of my shaky hands :P

Before and after

And here she lives now. ^^


Calzessa - Tobie
Different coloured legs, win!

Fiore - Arabella

Click the pictures if you wanna visit the website :)

My tumblr

Igår när jag var hos min syster talade hon om för mig att jag har en tumblr, hah! Jag hade glömt att jag skapade en vintras. Ska försöka bli lite mer aktiv där så tala gärna om för mig ifall ni har tumblr. Jag kommer nog mest posta bilder på mina bjd-s där och reposta roliga grejer från andra hade jag tänkt. ^^


Yesterday when I was at my sister she told me that I have a tumblr, hah! I had forgotten that I created one this winter. Will try to get a little more active there so please tell me if you have a tumblr to check out. I will most probably post pictures of my BJD-s there and repost funny stuff from others. :D


Snapshot from the new serie I started watching called GCB, isn't the white/black dress pretty? :D

Happy Easter

Going to easterdinner, this is todays outfit. ^^ I somehow managed to destroy my pantyhose BEFORE I even put them on also.. yay me.


Have a nice easter everyone!

(I love how there is a cat somewhere in almost every picture I take of me xD)


Cute tops from catslikeus. ^^

Resereporter hos Solresor

Jag har ansökt om att få bli Solresors resereporter på Cypern, Kreta, Spanien eller i Kroatien under en vecka. Vill du också ansöka så gör du det här.

Jag har aldrig rest utomlands,(iaf inte längre än till Finland) så jag tycker detta skulle vara den ultimata chansen att besöka ett annat land. Spanien låter som det mest intressanta stället för mig när det kommer till mat vilket ju blir höjdpunkten med en sånhär resa. ;)

I just wanna hug ALL cats!

This is so me.

In english!

Since I the last months have received some lovely new gothic readers, who isn't from sweden I have decided to start blogging here in english instead :D Good practise for me and easier for you who cant understand swedish. ^^ Yay!


Skulle vilja ha ett sånthär dreadfall från odium..jag kan ju inte ha dreads när jag jobbar i bageri så det vore nice att kunna sätta dit dem med en klämma såhär när man har lust. :D

For english readers: Would like to have a dreadfall from odiumclothing .. I can not have dreads when I'm working in the bakery so it would be nice to be able to put them in the haie with a clip like this when you feel like it. :D

Motverkar rynkor

Förra året sa en person till mig när jag kisade mot solen att jag kommer bli, ve och fasa, RYNKIG när jag blir äldre om jag inte börjar ha solglasögon när jag är ute! Så jag tänkte inte utmana ödet när det gäller detta. ;)
Jag står nu, denna sommar, redo med inte mindre än två par att variera mellan! Show me what you got, solen!

Ett lila par från HM, 59 kr.

Hjärtformade från Ebay, 8 kr.

Calantha short dress

Doooooo waaaaaaaant dreeeeeess!

Blodiga ögon

Det här är nåt av det roligaste jag vet att göra här i livet :D Pyssla ihop håraccessoarer!
Dessa gjorde jag idag, jag hade ett par dockögon som blivit för fula för att ha på någon docka så de fick nytt liv.

Jag är massa massa nöjd!


Dark Sunshine Award

The lovely Lady Bethezda nominated me in the Dark Sunshine award, and I'm so happy about it, truly an honour to come from her, I Love her style so much!

The rules:

1. Post the award picture with a backlink to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the ten questions.
3. Pass on the award to ten more bloggers.


Favorite Color: Black and dark purple

Favorite Animal: My lovely cats :)

Favorite Number: 5

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Coca-cola <3

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I don't  have a Twitter, it's enough with blogs.

My Passion: Baking!

Getting or Giving Presents: Giving, I looove searching for the right presents for people. But mostly my sister, she is my favourite person to give presents to.

Favorite Pattern: Hard to say, I'm not so much into that, maybe chessplaid..

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday because I'm freeeee!

Favorite Flower: Roses!

10 Blogs to Check Out:


The everyday goth



Gothically yours

My blacks dont match






Men hallå! Hade jag vetat att det faktiskt skulle dyka upp nåt när jag sökte på windchime bat på ebay hade jag inte letat! :( Nu vill jag ju ha detta!

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