Earring hanger

I made an earring hanger today.
With the help of an empty frame and a mesh fabric.

Now I have more oversight. I am the type who forgets what I own if I do not have supervision over the stuff!

New creations

Today I noticed that the comment-function on my blog was off in several of posts I have done in recent days. Blöööh xD Hope I have not missed any comments.


Thought  I show some redesigned clothes I've made lately!
These pants I made last week. They were a pair of ordinary black trousers before. Everything is prettier with lace!

This dress I wore last Thursday and did not feel at all comfortable in it, I felt like an old lady. So it had to be a skirt instead!

I created a dress!

I usually dont make clothing from scratch because I'm lazy and never finish what I start then..
But today I made this and I actually think it turned out very nice!
I wish that the fabric had been black with white skulls instead since there is a chance i won't wear this dress as much with all the white.. But I couldnt resist buying it. It costed 25 SEK on second hand. 
Close-up :)

Happy skeleton

I've had this fabric-patch a long time, wondering what to do with it. Now I have figured it out!
A hair-accessory! 
Isn't he a cute little happy skeleton? :D


I make nom noms when I'm depressed or sad. :'D
So today I made buns! (was also inspired from astarrynight)

Bat cake

Oh, 22 people have reblogged my cake on tumblr. I always get a little excited over stuff like that :'D

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 18

18. A piece of jewelry that you made.
Since I usually post all my creations here on my blog, I was looking for something I hadnt posted here yet from one or another reason. I then found these earrings I made several months ago. :D

30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 17

17. An article of clothing that you made or altered.
My Giselle dress ^^
Pictures taken by my sister.

Spike shoes

You know those kinds of shoes that have appeared here and there in recent times, most often converse or ballet to gaaaalet expensive prices!
I wanted a pair like that: D but I had no plans to pay $ 45 for a couple.
So I gave a couple of my own shoes new life, because I never used them.
The rivets on ebay cost me about $ 5 total and the shoes I had at home already.
I am very pleased I must say.
You know those kinds of shoes that have appeared here and there in recent times, with spikes on. Most often converse or balletshoes to insanly expensive prices!
I wanted a pair like that :D but I had no plans to pay $ 45 for a couple.
So I gave a couple of my own shoes new life, because I never used them.
The spikes on ebay costed me about $5 total.
I am very pleased with the result I must say. ^^
And so is my cat!

Headband stand

I didnt know where to put all my headbands.
So I turned this:
Into this:
Coca-cola bottle, u so useful.

Feathers and skull

My newest haircreation :D
I need to stop this, I cant choose what to wear in my hair any more, I love all my accessories xD

I wear black until I can find something darker

Sooo..I had this blue skirt at home. I didnt like the color. Daaaark blue. So I decided to try to dye it black. :D I threw in a yellow top and a cardigan as well.

The result:
Wohoo black skirt! :D
The top is more gray than black, but it's okay.
The cardigan was..sadly, not able to be coloured. Must be a synthetic material then.


I made a skirt for my newest larp-charachter today :D I like it very much!


I'm in a creative flow right now ;D so i made these yesterday. Mooore hairbows :D
I took the bats from these rings:
Because I dont wear rings. They are just in the way.


I made new hairbows today!
Cute riiiight!? :D

Is a cat today

Happy midsummer everyone :D

I finished my cat-ears clips today, so I'm so gonna wear them all day.

Red & Black Week, Day 3 (Lacetop makeover)

Today I have something really nice for the black and red theme :D
Last year I bought this top:

My plan was to use it as pyjamas but it was see through, and I don't felt comfortable in that so yesterday I decided to do a makeover with it! :D

The result:

Tadaaa, a black and red top. So what I did was I put a black fabric between the boobs so I dont feel so naked wearing this outside. And a black fabric under the red lacefabric, so no see-through here yay. :D I also made it shorter and bodyshaped.

I'm very happy with the result.

So this is todays red and black week post.
Join the red and black week at:

From lacetop to bolero

A few months ago i bought a lacetop on ebay. When it arrived it was too short and so so small. :<
So last week I made a bolero of it, yaaay :D
I'm very happy with the result.


Made some featheraccessories today :D I think I will wear the red one tonight at the May bonfire.


My new headband with lots of roses :D I love it so much and it was easy to make, just some artificial flowers, glue and a ordinary headband. ^__^

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