Monthly Homework Assignment: Artistic Inspirations

Toon Hertz is one of my favourite artists :D I love all the pictures and would love to have many of them hanging on my walls. So my contribution to s monthly homework assignment will be makeup inspired by one of my favourite paintings. ^^

It's called A dead heart and you can find it here.

I would have wanted to use eyelashes, but I hadnt any glue left >__<

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Postat av: SjungandeMamman

Tack så väldigt mycket för komplimangen! Ja det var ju synd att jag inte bor närmre, hade gärna sjungit på ditt bröllop :) Du blev verkligen lik bilden!

Trevlig helg

2012-04-13 @ 18:08:27
Postat av: kakuidori

aww sorry you didnt have any glue left, looks so pretty!!

2012-04-14 @ 18:57:37
Postat av: VictorianKitty

OMG, that picture is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen!! Your interpretation of it is spot-on, and suits you very well!

2012-04-15 @ 06:34:20
Postat av: Le Professeur Gothique

Aw, you look fabulous!!! Thanks so much for participating!

2012-04-15 @ 15:34:20
Postat av: Goth Mary Poppins

Ohh, thats so cute, I think "Eat me" is also nice!

2012-04-17 @ 12:58:30

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