Tarja Turunen

I so wish I had seen Nightwish live before they lost Tarja.. Their new singer, Anette is good as well, especially in their new album Imaginaerum where the songs fit her voice better, but it's a completely different sound nowadays, and Tarja is more powerful to watch live, I think Anette seems kind of..uncomfortable in gothic stylish clothing at stage actually?!

This is one of my favourite videos with Tarja, I love her outfit!

Quoting a random person on youtube because it's true:
If anette came before tarja..nightwish would only be playing 20 minute sets at festivals..and tarja would just be a famous classical singer.

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Postat av: Orichime

Anledningen till att hon ser obekväm ut är för att hon faktiskt inte trivs i det. Det har hon sagt helt öppet. Hon gör det bara för att fansen inte ska bli arga.

Vilket är ganska urlöjligt.

2012-04-13 @ 21:34:12
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