Today I got a very good news! I got a job as a pastry chef for the summer! :D I'm so crazy happy that I almost jump in the air.

So I visited today my internship for the last time. Sobs! And got these great gifts from my supervisors.

I'm really gonna miss them.

I truly love the necklace, looks very Egyptish (and I've always thought I was Egyptian in my previous life, in Pharaoh's time xD)

Pretty pretty necklace <3

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Postat av: Linnea-maria

Vilket fint halsband! Du passar jättebra i det. Lycka till med nya jobbet :)

2012-04-27 @ 19:17:12
Postat av: kakuidori

congrats on the new job :-)

these are nice good-bye gifts!

2012-04-30 @ 19:23:58

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