The Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment: Purses and Bags

So, the assignment this month is to show you guys all my purses and bags. I'm gonna start with this one, it's a favourite, but I use it very rarley anyway because it's so small.
I got it from my sister after much whining and nagging about how nice I thought it was. :'D
This one you have seen before. My most used bag with all my important stuff. Skeletons <3
My fluffy bag :D I made it myself but short after that I found the skeleton bag so this bag was quickly replaced xD Still like it though.
This is a computerbag but i use it to transport my bjd-dolls in to dollmeetings and stuff. :D
Last two backs. The heartshaped I bought during a lolitamoment. The other one has been with me since 2004. It's very useful and comfortable to have on the shoulder.
That was all my bags!
Thank you for this great assignment professor :D

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Postat av: Shannon Rutherford

The first one is so pretty! I like your hairstyle and the roses crown too :)

Postat av: Linnea-Maria

Åh den där fluffiga väskan var fin :) och den med volanger på.

2012-08-13 @ 11:05:28
Postat av: Sandra

Indeed, den första är jättejättefin :)

Har också haft en lurvig väska som jag själv sydde av benvärmare, som jag klippt av från rave-byxor xD

2012-08-13 @ 20:59:41
Postat av: The Dancing Maenad

What a nice collection of bags you have! Booo-tiful! I really love that computer bag -- cool!

Thanks for participating!

2012-08-17 @ 18:46:45

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