New curtains

Today I got new curtains :D I bought them on facebook xD so useful place sometimes.
This is what our bedroom looked like before the new curtains:
Red curtains which have been hanging there seince we moved here in august 2010. They are very see through..thats have been bothering me so much in the mornings with the sun so thats why I went black curtain hunting!
Tadaaaa, blaaaaack :D You will have to excuse the bad pictures..I have no photoshop right now because I need to install it on my new cumputer.
Pattern :D I love them, I hope they will help me sleep longer in mornings.

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Postat av: Gaymasen

Facebook, haha. Smidigt. ;-D

Och ja smält ost på morgonen då känns det som att man plötsligt gick upp tio kilo direkt, haha.

2012-06-15 @ 11:46:34
Postat av: kakuidori

definitely looking much better!


2012-06-17 @ 21:39:55

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