30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 1

1. Your closet
Giant mess! :P

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Postat av: Lynoire

You've started it, awesome! ^^

Your wardrobe reminds me of my old one in my kid's-room, it's also full of plush toys...it's a hell of a job to clean them...!:P

2012-07-06 @ 11:59:53
URL: http://milkingtherollingcow.blogspot.com/
Postat av: ette

Oh, you can't guess hoe relieves I am to see, that I am not the only grown-up who still keeps his plush-toys^^

Funny thing is, I am planning to start the wardrobe challenge, too. But I have not enough time this month so I'll wait until august. But the first post is already written. I am very curious how you 30 posts will look like.

2012-07-06 @ 20:04:28
URL: http://www.blogz.ch/ette

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