I created a dress!

I usually dont make clothing from scratch because I'm lazy and never finish what I start then..
But today I made this and I actually think it turned out very nice!
I wish that the fabric had been black with white skulls instead since there is a chance i won't wear this dress as much with all the white.. But I couldnt resist buying it. It costed 25 SEK on second hand. 
Close-up :)

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Postat av: Angelica

Fint! Jag har örngott i samma tyg! :)

Svar: Tack!Aha :D Ja, det var egentligen ett par gamla gardiner jag sydde om så, haha!

2012-09-07 @ 01:30:33
URL: http://www.whirlwind.nu
Postat av: Laura Morrigan

The dress looks great! Great work!

Svar: Thank you very much :D

2012-09-07 @ 04:17:24
URL: http://rosesandvellum.blogspot.com/

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