Red & Black Week, Day 3 (Lacetop makeover)

Today I have something really nice for the black and red theme :D
Last year I bought this top:

My plan was to use it as pyjamas but it was see through, and I don't felt comfortable in that so yesterday I decided to do a makeover with it! :D

The result:

Tadaaa, a black and red top. So what I did was I put a black fabric between the boobs so I dont feel so naked wearing this outside. And a black fabric under the red lacefabric, so no see-through here yay. :D I also made it shorter and bodyshaped.

I'm very happy with the result.

So this is todays red and black week post.
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Postat av: Amy of Gothica

I love how you make the top to not look racy...and it looks nice on you too <3

Postat av: kakuidori

i think this is a far better use for it than as pyjamas!

2012-06-05 @ 22:27:28
Postat av: Lynoire

Wow, lovely, you did a great job on the fit! ^^

2012-06-05 @ 23:16:17
Postat av: Pixel Pixie

Very cute, and it looks comfy too.

2012-06-05 @ 23:39:54
Postat av: VictorianKitty

Very nice job! I think the top looks a lot better like that!

2012-06-06 @ 03:56:35
Postat av: siouxsiel

The top looks amazing. Great fit. And I love your clock!

2012-06-06 @ 04:26:25
Postat av: Gaymasen

Sv: HAHAHA förlåt men hur du beskrev bocken och det där åh vad jag skrattade. Kan så känna igen mig i det där "nujädraranammat" ^^

2012-06-06 @ 10:09:05

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