The Goth Challenge: Day twentyfive

Day 25 – Did you ever consider leaving the subculture?

Yes, and I have a few times. I have tried focus on other clothingstyles like lolita, cyber and other but I always feel something is missing and I dont feel comfortable in other colours than black.
Last summer was a low point for me.. I forgot who I was and started to wear what I think i should call "ordinary clothing" I actually hated. When I realized that I sold all stupid colourful clothes and started to build up my gothic closet again. ^^

Last summer >.<

This year: The real me :D

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Postat av: kakuidori

i prefer you wearing black ^__^

on the mousse spray thing: i now tried it once and so far i liked it. i usually hate mousses because it makes my hair look dirty - im not used to it XD. so i sprayed a very tiny bit on the roots of my hair (where my undercut starts) and wanted to add a bit of volume so i first 'brushed' the mousse into my hair with my fingers and then i was able to modelate my hair very easy to add the volume without my hair looking like i used glue! will do this in pictures next week i think so you can take a look at the result!

2012-06-02 @ 05:38:52

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