I workout! :'D

In five weeks now I have been working out 3-4 days a week. I do yoga, pilates and cardio. Once a week I run in the woods, a distance of 2 km. And it's so fun that it is moving forward with my speed and stamina. :D 3 times, I have had a timer on my 2 km round and the result is this

Some people would certainly say whuuuut I run
2 km in like 5 minutes xD but for me who never really have beeen working out seriously in my entire life, this is very good, haha!

And no, I do not do this to lose any weight. I still eat normally and are certainly not unhappy with my body, I just want to life a longer life by having a healthy and strong body. Slim is, unfortunately, not automatically associated with healthy :P

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Postat av: kakuidori

awesome! i love how much you can see in your and also my (ugh how i always hated running) results how fast we all can improve!

2012-06-13 @ 01:43:43
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