Haircolours baah!

For several months I have been trying to dye 1/3 of my hair blue. I have tried different directions haircolours, leaving no good result, my hair was just brown with blue strikes at the tops. So today I simply gave up and coloured my hair with the Alpine green I had left from last year when my whole head was green. And oh so pretty :D Totally green, it so weird, directions seems to stick in my hair differently depending on which colour it is.

Ah well, I love this green colour, so I think it will have to stay. Who needs blue hair ;D

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Postat av: william

fin header:D

2012-07-18 @ 14:57:01
Postat av: kakuidori

yess, looks really nice! and i guess thats with all directions & semi permanent dyes!

2012-07-18 @ 18:30:57
Postat av: Linnea-Maria

Vad snyggt. Lady Bethezeda har också gröna slingor i sitt hår tycker det påminner lite om skatans fjädrar.

2012-07-19 @ 00:03:04

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