Photosession: Giselle from Enchanted

Last week my sister stayed here from thursday to sunday, which gave us time to finally have the Giselle-photosession we have been planning for soooo long. :D I made the dress for 1,5 years ago!
The dress is made by me, and all photos are photographed and edited by my sister, here you can visit her blog:
My boyfriend was laughing so much when he saw me xD He said that he do not want me to start dress like that on daily basis ;D

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Postat av: ette

It is not fair to laugh, the dress is beautiful and it suits you so well. Really lovely work and great pictures. It looks as if you had fun while taking them!

2012-06-19 @ 15:55:36
Postat av: Lynoire

The dress is really nicely done, and the pictures are also very cute, especially the second one and the one with the purple flowers on the foreground.

2012-06-25 @ 15:16:27

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