Red & Black Week, Day 4 (Chibis outfit)

Today my bjd Chibi will stand for the red and black in her brand new outfit made by a good friend of mine :D

I love my little vampire <3

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Postat av: Lynoire

Cute! ^^

One of my friends's collecting these dolls and she sews clothing for them herself...nuts! :D

2012-06-06 @ 19:00:14
Postat av: Linnea-maria

Vad söt hon är!

2012-06-06 @ 22:57:04
Postat av: kakuidori

OMG CUTE! it even hase a nose-piercing!!


2012-06-07 @ 09:03:07
Postat av: VictorianKitty

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Seriously. And I can only imagine the amount of skill required to sew such teeny, tiny clothing. Tell your friend she is amazing!

2012-06-08 @ 05:17:07

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