Red & Black Week, Day 2

Todays red and black :D

One of my favourite skirts! (is it only me or do I say that about every piece of clothing I wear? xD)

And also put red extensions in the hair :D

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Postat av: kakuidori

looking awesome :-D i like that touch of color in yor hair! btw, is that some fake lashes or did you draw something on your eyes? looks like a bat?!

2012-06-04 @ 11:41:03
Postat av: Amy of Gothica

Oh My God! the first thing I saw was ''is that amy lee of evanescence??'' look totally similar to her especially at the 1st photo..and i love your extensions..

2012-06-04 @ 12:43:26
Postat av: Lynoire

No, that skirt is indeed gorgeous! ;)

2012-06-04 @ 12:47:09
Postat av: Katie

I love the skirt, and the red looks great in your hair.

Postat av: VictorianKitty

So incredibly cute!! :)

2012-06-04 @ 20:12:46
Postat av: Linnea-maria

Åh vilken fin kjol! Jag förstår att den är en favorit. Det var skitsnyggt med röda extensions i håret.

2012-06-04 @ 21:11:22
Postat av: siouxsiel

The skirt is adorable.

2012-06-05 @ 03:44:35
Postat av: Jean of all Trades

It is a cute skirt! I love the ribbon and how your hair extensions match.

2012-06-05 @ 06:33:38
Postat av: Le Professeur Gothique

What a cute skirt!!! You look fabulous!

2012-06-05 @ 13:56:44

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