Lazy outfit

Today I went against one of my own clothingrules what to NEVER wear. Wearing short tunic with tights! :O
I wanted so much to wear this dress today, and when the idea of ​​having tights to it hit me I thought as I pulled them on, shame on myself! xD
But oh how comfortable this outfit are: D, and since they are so "broken" .. they might be only 70% tights, haha. Anyway, I will just be staying at home today to celebrate my boyfriend with his family, so .. my outfit is black and very comfortable, I'm happy.
I also got a kiss from Luna <3

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Postat av: Lynoire

Those leggings are cool! ^^

2012-06-13 @ 16:43:28
Postat av: kakuidori

as long as it is cozy it is a perfect stay at home outfit :-D and you look so cute again!


2012-06-14 @ 09:00:18

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