This was todays outfit :D
I'm determined to take pictures of my clothes more often, because its fun for me to look at in a few years maybe xD

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Postat av: ette

Great style. Love the simple Shirt and cardigan in combination with the tulle skirt and this wonderful hat. Perfect match.

The hat, which material is it? I have a very similar one made from wool and I am hesitating to wear it in summer^^ Still searching for a stylish one to wear in summer times.

2012-07-08 @ 12:15:26
URL: http://www.blogz.ch/ette
Postat av: Lesthi


Yes, the hat is made of wool, i dont care if someone thinks Im weird wearing it the summer, I love this hat so much ^^

Thank you so much for commenting <3

2012-07-08 @ 17:27:08
URL: http://lesthi.blogg.se/

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