Monthly Homework Assignment: "I Forgot I Even Own This!"

I decided to join this assignment at Le Professeur Gothique, never done it before. (so thats why I will write this in english instead of swedish)

The assignment was to put together an outfit featuring something that you haven't worn in forever.

So this is my choice.

It's a very pretty gothic lolita dress I own. Last time I had it on before this photo was at a concert 2010.. stupid i know, since it's soooo pretty. So the truth is I'm afraid to destroy it. Thats why I dont wear it. If it's get dirty I'll have to wash it and then the print might be ruined. :<

It's such a lovely print! <3
I will try to wear it more often.

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Postat av: Le Professeur Gothique

What a gorgeous dress!!! I love the lace and the tied gathering under the bust. And that print is just fabulous!

Thanks for participating!!!

2012-02-12 @ 20:26:19
Postat av: kakuidori

pretty dress! what company is it from? looks so expensive...

2012-02-12 @ 22:38:00
Postat av: VictorianKitty

Gorgeous!! I have things like that, which are too precious to me so I'm afraid to wear them. But they deserve to be seen! You look so lovely in it, and the hat is the perfect touch.

2012-02-14 @ 01:36:55

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