My fiancé and I have decided on which songs we want on our wedding, wohoo! :D

Here comes the bride
Far longer than forever-Lena
I only wanna be with you-Nico?
All I want for christmas
Melodies of life
When we enter the church: Bridal march (Here comes the bride)

Solo-song: Far longer than forever from the movie Swanprincess

Psalm 84: Vi lyfter våra hjärtan (We lift our hearts)

Solo-song: I only wanna be with you (Originally by Volbeat)

This one we want everyone in the church to sing xD: All I want for christmas

Psalm 82: Gud se nåd i dessa två (God see the grace in these two)

Walking out of the church: Final fantasy;Melodies of life
I think this will be awesome, I hope everything will work out as planned.

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