I have been thinking about the design for wedding-invitations the last few days. So I made this draft:
I probably will redesign it 1000 times before the wedding, but it's fun just trying stuff. ^^
I havent decided what font to use for the text that will be on the empty space. "Gothic" fonts usually looks kind of..tacky.

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Postat av: Shannon Rutherford

This is beautiful <3! Funny, yet a little spooky, and romantic too.

It's true, gothic fonts do look kind of tacky sometimes, maybe you should just pick an elegant italic; it will look goth in any case, with the black background and the skeletons :)

Postat av: Sandra

Totally agree with Shannon :)

2012-08-20 @ 19:05:34
Postat av: Linnea-Maria

Vilken fin text på kortet! Scriptina är snyggt men det är väldigt populärt bland dem som gillar shabby chic.

2012-08-20 @ 19:17:03

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