Gothic collage

I found this superpretty dress on mylovebasket and wanted to make a collage around it :D
I always see this beautiful gothic collages on tumblr and I wanted to do something like it. Maybe you have seen them. The website also happend to be the right place to found other accessories to the dress also. There are millions of accessories there! :O

Seriously, I died when I saw the price on the dress though, I could never afford it.

I totally fell in love with that cute umbrella also.

Hope you liked my collage! 

Here are links to the other items:







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Postat av: Shannon Rutherford

I thought it was made with Polyvore!
Do you know polyvore? You can do pretty much the same stuff, it's super fun and, I have to say, sometimes addictive XD but I found a lot of the clothes I own now thanks to it!
Here's a link, I hope you like it :)

Svar: That sound nice :D I havent used it, but heard of it! I'm so gonna try it now!

2012-09-01 @ 11:05:10

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