Future characters

Because I dont wanna forget it, I'll upload my list here over LARP characters I have not played yet, but want to play sometime! :D

- Dark-elf

- Necromancer (preferably a troll)

- Tree Fairy (Dryad)

- Faun (that costume I imagine will take some time to create xD)

- I would sometime wanna be part of an orch-group or something, maybe play a evil goblin or similar then!

This is a picture from a larp 2 years ago. I'm glad I have longer hair now so I can cover the part where the ears start with it.. 


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Postat av: Tina

Welcome to the orch-group! :D

Svar: Haha thaaanks ;D

2012-09-21 @ 08:56:52
URL: http://aea.eloria.fi/

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