Cat Doorbell

Isn't this practical?
It's a sensor to put up where the cat sits when she wanna come inside, and then a special doorbell rings :D That would be so practical because sometimes Kira enjoys being outside a veeeery loooong time. So then we could go to bed instead of waiting for her. xD

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Postat av: Pleu

Supersmart med sensor! Har sett hemmabyggen från längre tillbaka när dörrklockorna hade en utanpåliggande knapp, då hade dom byggt som en liten planka på som dom lärde katten att sitta på för när katten satt på den så ringde ju klockan och den blev insläppt. :)

2012-08-12 @ 11:00:58
Postat av: ette

This sounds great. I found a similar one yesterday, but it worked with a second sensor attached to a collar and since my cat almost strangled herself when I tried to get her used to a collar, I don't want to give it another try. So this seems like a good alternative. I hope I can find it here in Switzerland, too.

2012-08-12 @ 14:45:44

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