30 Day Clothing Challenge, Day 16

16. You and someone wearing matching clothes.
For this assignment, my sister and I had a very special photosession yesterday xD
We should totally work as models ;D

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Postat av: Anna T - Nörd och Filmskapare

Hihih va söta ^^!

sv: Gör de :D tycker de e riktigt najs! Och gillar du deras kläder och att ta outfit bilder tycker jag absolut du ska bli fashion hunter :D

2012-08-11 @ 20:04:24
URL: http://annatjernstroms.blogg.se/
Postat av: ette

what great photos. Seems as if you had fun. Mh, I started the challenge as well and I have no idea how to find someone who even owns matching clothes. But I still have some time until I reach this task.

2012-08-12 @ 14:41:52
URL: http://www.blogz.ch/ette

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