Dress like me

Today I created an account on polyvore! I've heard that it's a good place for making collages.
So my first one I made with inspiration from my own style. I wanted to use clothing I own myself, but since I buy the most stuffs second hand I just had to go with similar items. It was fuuuun :D
Dress like me
Dress like me by lesthi featuring black cocktail dresses

River Island black cocktail dress
320 SEK - riverisland.com

Striped pants
115 SEK - gojane.com

Minuet petite
425 SEK - houseoffraser.co.uk

Ash boots
3 075 SEK - question-air.com

Canvas handbag
78 SEK - etsy.com

21 SEK - avalaya.com

Chain necklace
130 SEK - etsy.com

Gothic jewelry
82 SEK - amazon.com

Hair bow accessory
56 SEK - etsy.com

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